Job Posting Tips: Assign Categories to your job ad

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Jobjoints offer powerful tools and features to enable your job ads to be found in search engines, and when job seekers search for jobs on the

A key feature is Categories. There are 3 main categories that you need to take care of to ensure your job posts are relevant to job seekers.

  1. Job Categories. Select an appropriate job category for your job ad. This will make tips-categoriesyour job ad included when job seekers search jobs by job categories.
  2. Job Types. Select an appropriate job type for your job ad. Some users may opt to just search for part-time jobs – and this will make your job ad appear in search results.
  3. Job Location. Select an appropriate job location for your job ad. Some users may prefer to search jobs based on their address – and this will make your job ad appear in the search results.

Another benefit of assigning Categories to your job ads is that your ads will appear in the list of tips-category-locationsjobs by categories in the sidebar.

Happy job posting!

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